...and Ringo 2 !

it seems that there is very little said about Ringo's cymbals. My sources say that he used mostly name brands, however one could say and be right most of the time for any band during the '60s it's said that he also used

from time to time. His set ups were rather basic: 14" hi-hats, rather large suspended cymbals, ride/crash 20" & 22"

(most standard set ups would use 18” crash and a 20” ride.)

On one occasion, while touring, Ringo's life was threatened. Some group wanted to make an example of him as an English Jew! Problem being he's not Jewish! Feeling quite vulnerable, even though extra security was provided, Ringo decided to tip his cymbals up as a shield of sorts, a rather unconventional use, I should say. 

Ringo was not a percussionist as such, but he is listed as playing;

Congas ,

Bongos ,


Timpani &


He's credited as playing the Anvil on Maxwell's Silver Hammer too.

(Mal plays it in the movie, Let It Be)

Among other things, Ringo played

on I'm Looking through You

from the Rubber Soul album

 Ring played Piano on Tell Me Why

a rather early departure from the drum skins. Never being one to toot-his-own-horn, Ringo must have borrowed this one.


He and George can be seen working

on Ringo's piece from Abbey Road,

Octopus's Garden.

During a break in the film Let It Be

John can be seen on the drums during a rehearsal of this one. Ringo has said that it was hard to be the drummer in a band with 3 frustrated drummers.

If turnabout is fair play, then


shouldn't be such a stretch. Above left, you can see Ring with John's D-28 and right, with his 325.

In the very early days with

 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes 

Ringo would occasionally play guitar! This picture is fuzzy but, the guitar  could be a Burns Drifter LG-50, or a Guyatone Weil Fenton model, borrowed no doubt from the guitarist in The Hurricanes, evidence that he did indeed play. Seen below are the boys playing Russian-made Classical Guitars.

Imagine hanging around

with 3 great guitar players

and not picking up something!

or one of John's or George's other songs


Watt? I Can't Hear You! 


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