John's Other


part 4

"No, I'm rhythm guitar and mouth organ"

John played harmonica, Hohner by brand,

several models: 1896/20, 265/58, 267/384. I'm not sure of the keys.

During the SPLHCB sessions particularly,

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

Several were used, some rather large ones...bass harmonica? One of the harmonica players was

Mal Evans (see not always a Beatle)

Of course John played


I'm not sure of the brands used here butused

Bluthner, Challen & Steinway in the studio

During the touring years, John

would occasionally step behind a



In the film of the Shea Stadium concert, John is playing this keyboard during

I'm Down George says that John went "a little crazy" during this number, playing with his elbows like Jerry Lee Lewis. George is laughing so hard, that he's not even able to play during some of it!


is credited to John for

We Can Work It Out

during the promotional film John is messing about with what looks like a console organ, but it's a Harmonium, a negative pressure reeded instrument similar to an American organ, except it has positive pressure.

John was also one to experiment with other types of keyboard toys


seen below with a Melotron II

It's an early sampler of sorts in which tape loops are activated by keys.

A Cavoline


was used by John in,

"Baby You're A Rich Man"

John is seen here behind a Hohner accordion

John always the rebel. Remember what we used to say in the 60s "use an accordian...go to jail"

Ringo says that John was a frustrated drummer. During the sequence of the song Another Girl in the film Help! John is seen playing Ringo's drums. Once again in the film Let It Be, John hops behind the drums when Ringo and George are working on

Octopus' Garden

this one was taken at the set were they filmed the promo film for

Hello, Goodbye

John is seen in a still, during this video, playing a

prototype Guitar,

the Kensington

This guitar was given to Alex Madras aka "Magic Alex", and has been recently auctioned at Christie's.

"...the two items that drew the highest bids

 Wednesday (5-5-04) were a leather collar that Lennon wore in 1967 and 1968, which sold for $178,000, and a custom-made Vox Kensington guitar used by Lennon and fellow Beatle George Harrison in 1967, also for $178,000."

(AP Photo/Richard Lewis)

John dabbled a bit with the trumpet as seen with George below

probably from Sgt. Pepper

this animated picture looks like John is saying Tambourine ; we shouldn't forget to include this to his credit too!

(some say he's saying Paul is dead)

A guitar strap isn't an instrument as such, but one such strap was owned by John. The Vox Python strap was used by John and then given to Eric Clapton. Vox has reissued this item and it sells for roughly $150.00

a bit pricey, for what it is, but considering the original sold for $4500.00 it's quite a bargain.


onward to

Paul's Guitars



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