Fanatic Part 4

During A Hard Day's Night, a classical guitar was used in

 And I Love Her.

It was a

Many may not know but, from here George can hear everything!

model A-1, also used in the cover of the show tune

'Till There Was You

Certainly George was fascinated with almost anything


(that is to say from India)

The first use of a Sitar on a pop song was on

Norwegian Wood

George enjoys a cheese sandwich while visiting with friends,

from the Rubber Soul Sessions



sort of an Indian Zither


similar to sound to the Sitar but a droning sort of sound rather than a melody line


a kind of Indian Bongo drums

are Indian Instruments often included in George's songs (often played by others)and sometimes played by George,on John & Paul’s numbers too.George is credited with Tamboura on,Getting Better, (Tabla can be heard at the end here too) Within You Without You & Across the Universe.

Although not commonly associated with keyboards George was the first to

order a  synthesizer for his home studio in '68

looks a bit like an old PBX operator's station

the Vox Mandoguitar, an electric 12 string guitar scaled down to Mandolin proportions, was used by George on John's song Girl from the Rubber Soul LP

George is playing the Burns Nusonic Bass guitar

as seen below during the Paperback Writer session

as Ringo has lamented, he was not the only "Drummer" in the band.


 next up...

Ringo's Gear


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