Most of the guitar solos of

recordings were played by



not always.

When I'm sure of the guitar used, I'll enter with bold type.

NOTE: all album references, reflect the original Parlophone play lists, NOT the Capitol "hacked" play lists. Release dates are British unless otherwise noted. Details duplicated in the singles will not be found here, rather on the Singles page (nearly always George).

Please, Please Me 3/63

George is playing his Gretsch 6128 Dou Jet during this project.

With The Beatles 11/63

George is using his favored Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman walnut finish. This is the guitar that was destroyed en-route to a gig (Alf Bicknell Beatles roadie describes this in his Beatle Diary tape)

Beatles For Sale 12/64

Every Little Thing -John Rickenbacker 325-12 jetglo

George is using his Gretsch 6119 Tennessean  in this session

A Hard Day's Night 7/64

George is using his Rickenbacker 360-12 during much of this project

as well as the Gibson J-160E

Help! 8/65

Another Girl- Paul Epiphone Casino Ticket to Ride- middle Paul Epiphone Casino,outro-George(George remembers Paul doing both)/ I've Just Seen a Face-Paul/ Epiphone Texan 

Rubber Soul 12/65

/ Drive My Car-Paul,Epiphone Casino George Later Half Paul on slide/ Michelle-Paul/Epiphone Texan I'm Looking Through You-Paul/

Revolver 8/66

And Your Bird Can Sing- Paul upper, George lower/ Here There & Everywhere-Paul Epiphone Texan / Taxman-Paul Epiphone Casino

Sgt. Pepper's

Lonely Hearts Club Band 6/67

SPLHCB- Paul Fender Esquire /Good Morning, Good Morning- Paul Fender Esquire

Magical Mystery Tour 12/76...11/67U.S.

George used "Rocky" on this project , his Fender Stratocaster Sonic blue

with a psychedelic paint job done by George himself

The Beatles aka The White Album11/68

Back In The USSR-Paul / Blackbird-Paul Martin D-28 /Rocky Raccoon-Paul/ I Will-Paul Martin D-28 /Julia -John Martin D-28/ Birthday-John Epiphone Casino /Yer Blues- John Epiphone Casino/ Mother Nature's Son- Paul Martin D-28/ Helter Skelter-Paul Fender Esquire / While My Guitar Gently Weeps-Eric Clapton Gibson Les Paul / Honey Pie- John/ Revolution -John Epiphone Casino

Yellow Submarine 1/69

Altogether Now- Paul Martin D-28

Abbey Road 9/69

Here Comes The Sun- George Gibson SJ-200

I Want You (She's So Heavy)- John Epiphone Casino

The End-

John Epiphone Casino

Paul Epiphone Casino (Some say Fender Esquire)

George Gibson Les Paul

,in turn


Let It Be 5/70

The Two Of Us -Paul Martin D-28

Across The Universe- John Epiphone Casino

Get Back- John Epiphone Casino

on to

Nearly Always George

(who played lead on the Singles)

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