"Fender Fanatic"


now I really resemble that remark!

part II

A Stratocaster was probably the ultimate guitar to almost any player back in '58.(now too, for that matter!)so like many others, George really wanted a Strat. One of his first guitars was as close as he could get, a

'58 Neoton('60 or Resonet)


George is seen here sharing some kraut & schnitzel with chums from work.

this guitar was said to be a Czechoslovakian import by Selmer, marketed in the UK as the most modern innovation in electric guitars since the Stratocaster!

equipment in England was hard to come by and so price and availability were no doubt major factors early on. As time progressed, however, the Strat became George's guitar of choice.

It wasn't until the Rubber Soul sessions, that George received his first Strat. It's said that when George was on his way to buy his first "decent guitar" that he had every intention of buying a Strat. They sold the only one they had, minutes before. So he bought his Gretsch DuoJet instead.

Mal Evans was sent to buy 2

Stratocasters for their use on the track

Nowhere Manreleased as a single in the U.S.&

later included in

Yesterday & Today for more on this cover see ...

There's A First Timr For Everything

He returned with 2 identical Strats, Sonic Blue, Rosewood fingerboards, one for George, and one for John.

George's site for All things Must Pass, called this one a

'57 American Standard Stratocaster

Later we see George's Strat with a Psychedelic paint job

(painted by George)

not many guitars receive names from their owners, usually only the most favored are named. This one is


according to George, as was revealed in his first and only online chat, he still has Rocky!

I wonder if there is any connection with the Raccoon of the same name?

seen here in the loo: be out in a minute boys!

Rocky's most memorable appearance would have to be in the sequence of the film

Magical Mystery Tour,

I Am The Walrus  goo goo g'joob

click the above link to hear George talk about Rocky

sent George a prototype guitar, made especially for him,

the Rosewood Telecaster

Seen here with a Silverface Twin Amp; its most notable use was in theGet Back project, that resulted in the album of

another name.

 George enjoys kipper snacks with friends before a carriage ride with the family.

Let It Be

2 different takes of George's lead can be heard on the two versions offered, the album version & the single.

Delaney Bramlett, of Delaney, Bonnie & Friends, had this guitar. It's said he tried to sell it recently on EBay but couldn't get what he wanted! ...why would you want to sell such a wonderful gift?...go figure!

The latest word is that this guitar was purchased in a private auction by a family friend (Ed Begley Jr,)on behalf of the Harrison family. Back home at last.

another that George is credited for playing is the


it kind of looks like a Jaguar, or a Jazzmaster but, its 30" scale length makes it a short scale bass, or a long scale guitar...Baritone?

Another George has the distinction of being linked to is oddly enough a bass.

The Jazz Bass

pick-up covers were often removed, and wound up being used as ashtrays, hence the nick-name, this one still had them.

George is on this bass in

Back In The U.S.S.R. during the

White Album sessions

and also during the Abbey Road project


Part 3



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