off bass part2

He certainly played more than bass

in the early days Paul played guitar, seen here with a

club 40

Stuart Sutcliffe was the bass player then, although he really couldn't play he did learn to fake it pretty well. John says that he was an art college buddy of his and was a Beatle almost from the start. Being a very promising artist, and having just won an art contest, John said that what he needed was a bass guitar

(to enhance his bohemian image.) The amount of money won was just enough for that Hofner President bass. Stu, thinking that he should buy paints or something with his winnings, was convinced by John & Paul, to buy the

President Bass


Paul may have used this bass in Hamburg, but never recorded with it. Even in the earliest recordings with Tony Sheridan, Paul was using the Hofner Cavern bass. An interesting slice of the pie, so-to-speak.

During their drummer less periods (before Ringo or Pete)

Paul was the drummer.

seen here messing about with Ringo's kit.

The photo at the top of the page has one of Paul's favorite electric guitars nestled between his knees,

the  Casino

Paul was using this one when he recorded the lead in George's Taxman, as well as in many other songs, when he took the lead part.

Paul still tours with this one and he freely admits that it is his absolute favorite guitar!

seen here sans pick-guard

the  Texan

is the model that Paul is using in his trademark song, Yesterday.

this is how it appears today.

the Gibson organization has made 40 replicas of Paul’s guitar for sale at auction

with proceeds going to


There are others available at a lesser price now. Limited run, varying degrees of Paul’s signature.

My local guitar shop (Rockit Music) had one that went for $4999.99... still a bit pricey for me.

The latest with this guitar is that Paul has donated his original to the Moon Rising charity auction,


having decorated it a bit and signed it as well.

Paul used a



during the White Album & Get Back sessions.

The shot above is from a Get Back rehearsal of

The Two of Us


 Paul's Keyboards


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