What's an E.P. ?

A vinyl disc containing 4 or more songs.

More than a single but fewer than an album.

This section is mainly an E.P. discography, rather than a Gear discussion. Pardon my excursus!

There were only 3 issued by the American record companies;

The Beatles (on VeeJay)


Four By The Beatles



4 By The Beatles

(both on Capitol)

not very original titles either!


Parlophone issued 13 of them!

Twist & Shout

The Beatles' Hits


The Beatles (No.1)

All My Loving

Long Tall Sally

Extracts from the film A Hard Day's Night

Extracts from the album A Hard Day's Night

Beatles For Sale

Beatles For Sale (No.2)

The Beatles' Million Sellers


Nowhere Man

Magical Mystery Tour (2 E.P.set)

The American record companies

(mainly Capitol)

were in it to make money,

and they did!

They stretched 12 albums of original material and covers, as well as 23 or so singles into 20 L.P.s & nearly 50 singles, not counting live stuff, pre Ringo, or compilations!

Up until Sgt.Pepper there were different play lists and sometimes different titles for album releases

for each side of the pond.

So to say, this is a confusing issue;

well, you're only right!

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