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Not Always a Beatle Part 2

During the 1964 World Tour, Ringo was replaced, due to a severe bout with tonsillitis, by

Jimmy Nicol

June 4th thru 11th, 10 shows in 5 cities.

Ringo reunited with John, Paul, & George in Australia.

Brian Jones


of the Rolling Stones was the Alto Sax on,

You Know My Name, Look up The Number

He was rumored to be playing on

Lady Madonna

but according to Mark Lewisohn's book

The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

the players were;

Harry Klein & Bill JackmanBaritone Sax

 Bill Povey & Ronnie Scott Tenor Sax

last minute Jazz locals

rounded up by session "fixer" Laurie Gold

a Heavy Brass section was used on Paul's

Got To Get You Into My Life

the line up was;

Eddie Thornton* Super Olds trumpet

Peter Coe* & Alan Branscombe Tenor Sax

Ian Hamey & Les Condon Trumpets

*members of a local Jazz combo The Blue Flames

The boys knew them from frequenting the local clubs.

Numerous musicians were recruited from the

London Symphony Orchestra

The crescendo from

A Day In The Life

& the world wide broadcast of

All You Need Is Love

featured nearly the whole lot of them.

Alan Civil

can be credited with the French horn


For No One   from the Revolver Album

 David Mason played the

 Piccolo Trumpet


in McCartney's

Penny Lane

Although he has played for the LSO for more than 30yrs

in numerous studio sessions & he is still most famous for his work with

Mason’s trumpet, which was also appeared on two other Beatles tracks

("All You Need Is Love" and "Magical Mystery Tour"),

was reportedly sold at auction for $10,846.

The first use of strings on a Beatle recording was on Yesterday

consisting of a double tracked quartet

Tony Gilbert * 1st violin

Sidney Sax* 2nd violin

Kenneth Essex viola


Francisco Garbarro cello

Eleanor Rigby

also featured a string section

2 alumni from the Yesterday session*

Tony Gilbert & Sidney Sax violins

along with

John Sharpe & Jurgen Hees violins

Steven Shingles & John Underwood violas

Derek Simpson & Norman Jones cellos

This session was utilizing an extremely

close mic technique,

so close in fact the mics almost touched the strings!

this was unheard of at the time.

Give a listen to the strings only track found on the Beatles Anthology II, disc 1, track 21

the presence is remarkable.

This session, like Yesterday,

features only Paul, no other Beatles present.



There's a First Time for Everything



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