the Singles

as in the previous page, the lead guitar part was

nearly always George, on the singles issued by

find here the exceptions and/or the guitar used.(when known)

Singles issued by Parlophone were usually NOT included in album releases, it wasn't until Yellow Submarine that a single duplicated an album track. In some cases the song was the same but a different version was issued for each format.

As before all release dates are British unless otherwise noted.

Various other U.S. labels released singles, such as VeeJay, Swan, & Tollie.

Many of these were duplicates of Parlophone releases in Britain, as well as some older recordings (pre-Ringo even)

 This page will not include any of these. Rather only Parlophone & Capital U.S. releases. 

Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You 10/62

George / Gretsch Duo Jet

Please, Please Me / Ask Me Why 1/63

George / Gretsch Duo-Jet

From Me To You / Thank You Girl 4/63

George / Gretsch Country Gentleman

She Loves You / I'll Get You 8/63

George / Gretsch Country Gentleman

British11/63 U.S.1/64 (B-side/ I Saw Her Standing There) in U.S.

I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy  

George / Gretsch Country Gentleman


Can't But Me Love /

You Can't Do That 3/64

CBML-George / Gretsch Country Gentleman

YCDT-John /Rickenbacker 325-12

BritishU.S. (B-side/I Should Have Known Better/ U.S. only)

A Hard Day's Night /

Things We Said Today 7/64

George / Rickenbacker 360-12

I'll Cry Instead /

I'm Happy Just To Dance With You 7/64 U.S. only

And I Love Her/

If I Fell 7/64 U.S. only

And I Love Her - George / Jose Ramirez A-1

If I Fell - George / Rickenbacker 360-12

rhythm on both tracks-John/Gibson J-160E

Matchbox / Slow Down 8/64 U.S. only

British U.S.

I Feel Fine / She's A Woman11/64

George / Gretsch Tennessean

Eight Days A Week

George / Gretsch Tennessean


 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party2/65 U.S. only

George / Gretsch Tennessean

British U.S.

Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is 4/65 

Ticket To Ride - Paul / Epiphone Casino

British U.S.

Help! / I'm Down 7/65

George / Gretsch Tennessean

Yesterday /

Act Naturally 9/65 U.S. only

Paul / Epiphone Texan (w/ string quartet dbl.tracked)

Act Naturally- George /Gretsch Tennessean

British U.S.

We Can Work It Out/

Day Tripper 12/65

George / Gibson ES 345

We Can Work It Out - features John on  the Harmonium

Nowhere Man/

What Goes On 2/66 U.S. only

Nowhere Man- George & John - matching Sonic Blue Fender Stratocasters

 What Goes On - George / Gretsch Tennessean


Paperback Writer/Rain 6/66

Paperback Writer-Paul Epiphone Casino

Rain-George Gibson SG 

U.K. U.S.

Yellow Submarine/

Eleanor Rigby 8/66

Eleanor Rigby - Paul / alone with string quartet

Strawberry Fields Forever/

Penny Lane 2/67

U.K. U.S.

All You Need Is Love/

Baby You're A Rich Man 6/67

George - Fender Stratocaster "Rocky"


Hello Goodbye/

 I Am The Walrus 11/67

Hello Goodbye - George - Epiphone Casino

I Am The Walrus - George - Fender Stratocaster "Rocky"

U.K. U.S.

Lady Madonna/

The Inner Light 3/68

George Gibson SG


Hey Jude/Revolution 8/68  

Hey Jude/John Epiphone Casino

Revolution/George Gibson Les Paul

although it's John who plays lead

on this track...yes , the Casino.

Get Back/Don't Let Me Down 4/69

Get Back- John Epiphone Casino



The Ballad Of John And Yoko/

Old Brown Shoe 5/69

John Epiphone Casino / John Hofner Hawaiian Std. Steel

Something/Come Together 10/69

George Gibson SJ200/John Epiphone Casino

Let It Be/You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) 3/70

Let It Be/George Custom Fender Rosewood Telecaster

The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue 2/67

The Long And Winding Road - George Fender Rosewood Telecaster

For You Blue - John Hofner std. Hawaiian Steel


E.P. L.P. what's the Difference


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